‘I Know We’re Gonna Make It!’

A very dear friend sent me a beautiful song on You Tube following my Gloom, Despair and Misery post a few weeks ago. I thought it was the kindest gesture since I needed to hear this particular song. She is a dear friend who knows what to say and when to say it — always has and always will. She said in her message she had been thinking of me and my struggles since reading my post and was searching for the correct words to help ease my pain.

While in her car she heard ‘Long Way Home,’ by Steven Curtis Chapman, and the lyrics were the something “magical she was looking for to help ease your suffering.”  I could feel her love when I heard the song and knew immediately I should share the lyrics. They are the something magical I want to share with those reading My Unplanned Life.

Since beginning the blog, I have come to the conclusion each of us…no one excluded, is, was, has or will be battling some type of difficulty. It may be an illness, depression, relationship trouble or financial difficulty and the words of this song may help ease the sting of whatever you may be feeling or experiencing.  Oftentimes a song, poem, or prayer may lead to a place of peace or calmness.

I set out on a great adventure
The day my Father started leading me home
He said there’s gonna be some mountains to climb
And some valleys we’re gonna go through
But I had no way of knowing
Just how hard this journey could be
Cause the valleys are deeper and the mountains are steeper
Than I ever would’ve dreamed

But I know we’re gonna make it
I know we’re gonna get there soon
And I know sometimes it feels like we’re going the wrong way
It’s just a long way home

I got some rocks in my shoes
Fears I wish I could lose
They make the mountains so hard to climb
And my heart gets so heavy with the weight of the world sometimes

There’s a bag of regrets
My should’ve beens and not yets
I keep on dragging around
And I can hardly wait for the day I get to lay it all down

I know that day is coming
I know it’s gonna be here soon
And I won’t turn back even if the whole world says I’m going the wrong way
Cause it’s just a long way home…

And when we can’t take another step
The Father will pick us up and carry us in His arms

And even on the best days
He says to remember we’re not home yet
So don’t get too comfortable
Cause really all we are is just pilgrims passing through

Well I know we’re gonna make it
And I know we’re gonna get there soon
So I’ll keep on singing and believing what all of my songs say
Cause our God has made a promise
And I know that everything He says is true
And I know wherever we go
He will never leave us
Cause He’s going to lead us home
Every single step of the long way home

Keep on, we’re gonna make it
I know we’re gonna make it
We’re just taking the long way home

Last night while reading comments on the Essential Tremor Awareness Group (ETAG) Facebook page, I came across an update from a woman who suffers from two complex neurological conditions. ETAG is a support group, with more than 2,000 members, who choose to participate share stories, ask questions, encourage each other, etc.

The woman who posted had an appointment with her neurologist earlier in the day and was told she has Multiple-System Atrophy (MSA), a degenerative neurological disorder of the nerve cells in specific areas of the brain. This cell degeneration causes problems with movement, balance, and other autonomic functions of the body such as bladder control or blood-pressure regulation.  With the disease, the average lifespan is seven years. Almost 80 percent of patients become disabled within five years, and only 20 percent survive past 12 years.

I have never met this wonderful lady, but my heart is heavy. Yesterday, following her appointment, she had to tell her family she is going to die. I can’t imagine having that conversation. All I can do is pray, send her positive comments to lift her spirits and let her know she isn’t alone. It’s when I learn news like this when I realize how blessed I am. I still struggle with medical problems and will leave it at that. There are some things I am not ready to blog about, but will when the time is right.

When I think my problems are more than I can bear, God slaps me on the head letting me know I am one of the lucky ones. Why can’t I figure it out for myself? Why do I need a slap, a wake-up call? I am an educated person after all. I have a spinal cord injury and still have use of my legs seven years later. Talk about being lucky. And, I hope those reading this post also read the last one about my wonderful husband and the support he gives. Again… L U C K Y.

Thankfully I have continued my sessions with my psychologist and have to admit it doesn’t seem like therapy. However, he has yet to press my buttons. He still says all the right things. We are still in the honeymoon phase of our relationship. He did share during his career he has seen more than 14,000 patients. Somehow that extremely large number makes me feel better. Maybe it’s because I am not the only one seeing a shrink…which I knew, but hearing it from this extremely educated man is reassuring.

To me, I have come to the conclusion it’s all about balancing, which the shrink and I discuss. The good and the bad; the positive and the negative; counting your blessings. After all, I have said most of my adult life ‘every day is a good day — just some days are better!’ Now I am adding in a new line thanks to Steven Curtis Chapman: I know we’re gonna make it!  After all, aren’t we all in this together?

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About mswd

I am an individual living with a spinal cord injury. How the injury occurred, how I found out how severe my injury was and how my planned life suddenly became 'unplanned' is included in this blog. Also included is how the injury has tested my family and me. I believe you will discover it has been both a mentally and physically challenging ordeal and I learned a few lessons along the way. While I am still defining my life’s purpose since the injury, I have uncovered those who are injured, live with pain or have other obstacles to navigate are never able to escape. However, come with me as I explore ways to improve my life, learn to live with multiple neurological conditions, educate others and look for the silver lining. I believe with a little willpower, my caring family and God's guidance I will learn to forgive, hopefully forget how I was treated and dismissed by a doctor and uncover life's new purpose. I pray for painfree days and answers to questions that keep swirling through my mind. I also pray for a cure for neurological conditions and for the doctors to treat their patients with respect. Welcome to my journey. I would love to hear about yours!
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8 Responses to ‘I Know We’re Gonna Make It!’

  1. Chatter Master says:

    We are in this together! I have to say, I’m glad God slaps me upside the head daily to remind me of my blessings. Fortunately His touch is loving! If it was one of my siblings it wouldn’t be so kind! God bless the woman you read about. Thanks for sharing the song. And the kindness your friend showed you by sharing it.

    • mswd says:

      Thanks so much for your message. I know I need a slap every now and then, but with cervical dystonia it kind of hurts. 🙂 No, all joking aside, I really do need to remember how blessed I am even though I have my pity parties. My friend LB who sent me the song is the best at helping me put my head on straight. She is the one who mentioned blogging to me. I often thinks she knows me better than I know myself. Scary. And, yes, the woman in the support group…she can use all the prayers! I have had a heavy heart all day. It’s amazing how we develop relationships with complete strangers via blogs, support groups, Facebook, etc. With each post, comment I feel as if I know more about you, which is very special. It’s such a unique circle of friends! Thank you again for your support!

      • Chatter Master says:

        Your welcome. And the feelings are mutual. I am “attached” to your story, and I feel your days through your posts. I appreciate your compassion and concern for others. THAT, is very special. 🙂

  2. 264me says:

    Again, I am the L U C K Y one!! Love you!

  3. neurovantage says:

    Great post. I hope to hear more from you! I’m sure we’re all in different boats, but we still ride the same ocean.

    • mswd says:

      Thanks friend ~ I appreciate the support. I’m just hoping my boat doesn’t get a leak, but I’m sure glad I learned how to swim just in case it does! Following your blog as well and enjoying the posts! Thanks again!

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    I have to be honest & say I have never heard of anything like Essential Tremor Awareness Group. WordPress is just amazing how it exposes us to so, so much.

    But what I wanted to say, is your friend is wonderful to send you that song – the words are just so choice. The world these days is so different – so much inspiration & things to have us think at our fingertips. I used to have A SET OF ENCYCLOPAEDIAS!!! They were so heavy when I moved house to house, and so I decided to sell them, but they just would not sell. Anyway, now, I can hit the internet. And yes, you can find whatever you eed. Cheers to your friend 🙂
    Noeleen, http://www.WordsFallFromMyEyes.wordpress.com / http://www.VodkaWasMyMuse.wordpress.com

    • mswd says:

      Hi Noeleen! Thank you for your message and kind words! I know what you mean…the world has changed and technology moves so fast. I never thought I would be blogging and can’t believe this was my 75th post! Regarding the support group, it’s a great group of people who share stories and actually help each other with ideas, suggestions and even lift each other up when needed. It’s monitored by the International Essential Tremor Association, which is an outstanding non-profit organization looking for a cure for essential tremor and other neurological conditions. When I am in pain I know I can turn to the group and find others who are also hurting…maybe misery loves company…but together we talk each other through it.

      Thank you again for your message and for reading the post. I just love ‘meeting’ new people! 🙂 Please keep in touch!

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