Living with Love Every Day

I have mentioned before about how ‘us’ bloggers connect. The writer of ‘fixing jason’ is a very special individual who blogs about her husband’s spinal cord tumor. She is a caretaker, much like my husband is for me — watching the one you love deal with a horrible injury. I enjoyed this post since we seldom ‘hear’ the viewpoint from a caretaker — it’s mostly about the patient, the injury and the side effects of the spinal cord injury. Once I read this post, I thought it was fitting to re-post this message, but I wanted to add a special thank you to ALL the caretakers who provide love and companionship to those with spinal cord injuries. It is not an easy job. I know in my case, my husband never misses a doctor’s appointment, drives me everywhere, handles more than his share of everything and not once has he EVER complained. I am confident the same is for Jason’s wife. Even though Jason and I both have spinal cord injuries, live and breathe pain, and at times have probably questioned why this happened to us — I also, believe we are also both very blessed. Somewhere along the way we found two very special people to share our lives with who help us deal with this terrible injury. Spinal cord injury or not — we are blessed. Some people only dream of being loved like this. We get to live it every day.


About mswd

I am an individual living with a spinal cord injury. How the injury occurred, how I found out how severe my injury was and how my planned life suddenly became 'unplanned' is included in this blog. Also included is how the injury has tested my family and me. I believe you will discover it has been both a mentally and physically challenging ordeal and I learned a few lessons along the way. While I am still defining my life’s purpose since the injury, I have uncovered those who are injured, live with pain or have other obstacles to navigate are never able to escape. However, come with me as I explore ways to improve my life, learn to live with multiple neurological conditions, educate others and look for the silver lining. I believe with a little willpower, my caring family and God's guidance I will learn to forgive, hopefully forget how I was treated and dismissed by a doctor and uncover life's new purpose. I pray for painfree days and answers to questions that keep swirling through my mind. I also pray for a cure for neurological conditions and for the doctors to treat their patients with respect. Welcome to my journey. I would love to hear about yours!
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2 Responses to Living with Love Every Day

  1. 264me says:

    I am glad I can be there with and for you! I appreciate ALL the time we spend together, whether it be a doctor or other. I wish I had the gift of writing and words you have. You are blessed with that and I would like to be able to express myself like you do. Your words touch all who read!! Thank you for taking me along for the ride! XOXO

    • mswd says:

      Everyone knows you didn’t sign up for this life. We were married for such a short time when Dr. Liar changed everything. I wish I could repay you in some way for all you do. You give 90 percent; me a sad 10 percent. What I do know is you are the most selfless person in the world and I hope and pray God will reward you when he is ready. I also know if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have made it through this ordeal — I wouldn’t be here today fighting the good fight. You, and H., and my family give me what I need to get out of bed every day, but you are the one who pushes me EVERY day. You are the one who tells me not to let HIM win. It would have been so easy for you to walk away. But you didn’t…you stayed and have put up with some horrible medical issues, mood swings, Dr. Liar, court, side effects of medications and even let me move back home leaving your family. You drive me to all my appointments, listen to the doctors tell us both good and bad news and watch me go through treatments when I know you would prefer to be anything else. You have put your life on hold in hopes of helping me get better and you even pray every day for a cure to end my pain. For those who don’t believe in people who love unconditionally…you haven’t met my husband. God knew what he was doing when he crossed our paths. I love you for all you do for me, our family and I am sorry I don’t thank you enough.

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